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Presentation Fly Fishing: The Definitive Guide to Advanced Techniques by Jeremy Lucas

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Both the fly line-dominated Western style and the Japanese fixed-line style are considered, converging into the leader-only style. Watercraft, techniques, tackle, and flies are explained in depth, with consideration of both rivers and lakes. Focusing on fish rather than on the fly, casting, or tackle, has resulted in a form of fly-fishing that is particularly effective and efficient. This book is ideal for anyone who is interested in the many benefits of this groundbreaking approach to the sport.

A comprehensive guide to fly-fishing for trout and grayling, using a minimalistic approach. Exploring leader-to-hand and leader-only techniques with nymphs and dry flies, this guide pushes the boundaries of the sport. The established dogma of the old school is questioned, reaching the limits of what is possible with the conventional approach, while presentation-based technique, which is radically changing the single-handed fly rod sport, particularly on rivers, is explained. 10X7.5 inches, 240 pgs.