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Tiemco Hooks

Tiemco hooks are fly tier's first choice for high quality sharp fly tying hooks. Tiemco hooks have long set the standard for all other hooks. The line up of hooks offered by Tiemco is comprehensive; there is a style of hooks for any fly you wish to tie.

Find the right Tiemco Hook for any fly in the listing below:

Freshwater Hooks

Dry Fly Hooks- TMC 100, TMC 101, TMC 921

Nymph Hooks (Straight Shank)- TMC 3761, TMC 3769, TMC 5262

Nymph Hooks (Curved Shank)- TMC 2487, TMC 2457, TMC 200R, TMC 2488, TMC 2488H

Emerger Hooks- TMC 2487, TMC 212Y

Saltwater Hooks

TMC 911s

Salmon Steelhead Hooks

TMC 7999