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New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool

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The New Zealand Strike Indicator tools makes adding a strike indicator to any sized leader or tippet a breeze. The Indicator tool allows for big or small indicators to be placed anywhere along your leader or trippet. The tool is extremely easy to use. One of the benefits of the NZ Indicator tool is that once on the line the indicator can be slid up or down to change the fishing depth. Another benefit is that these indicators do not kink your line. The ability to create small indicators that stay in place on fine tippets is a huge plus when fishing for weary fish in clear water. The NZ Strike Indicator is a must have for serious nymph fishers. 

New Zealand Strike Indicator Features

* Innovative Tool
* Easy to Attach Indicator
* Easy to Adjust Indicator
* Nymph is Suspended at Optimal Level
* Easy to Remove
* Knotless - Don't Lose that Trophy
* No Damage to Leader
* Indicator Yarn Can Be Trimmed To Exact Size