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Sage and Rio New Fly Fishing Products

Sage has three new fly rod series, including the classically styled and named LL series. Classic Sage Light Line rods are still sought after and the new series celebrates the classic feel of those rods while incorporating new technology and performance. Sage has also revamped their Trout Spey offerings and is offering a new series of rods for streamer and warmwater fishing. The new Payload series is designed for throwing big flies with sinking and sink tip lines. Sage’s Payload series will feature two Pike and Musky style rods to replace the discontinued Pike Musky rods. There will be a new Sage Fly Rod series for just about any freshwater fly angler. Stay tuned for more details and model specs. 

The New Sage Payload fly rods excel at casting big flies and sinking lines.

The new Sage Trout LL Fly rods reinvigorate an old classic. Dry fly anglers and technical trout anglers have a new tool in the tool box!

Sage has upgraded their trout spey offerings with the new Trout Spey HD Series. The new rods feature a faster tip that handles modern trout spey lines and improves casting performance.

Rio is adding a plethora of new products for 2020- including new trout lines and Euro Nymphing focused products. The new Technical Trout and InTouch Technical Trout Lines are designed for light presentations and laser focused accuracy in trout fishing. The new Euro Nymph Shorty is a 20′ Euro line that can be looped onto a traditional fly line to allow anglers to quickly switch between fishing styles. Rio is also introducing a longer version of their popular Euro Nymphing leaders as well as a new indicator tippet. For stillwater anglers, Rio is introducing two new sinking lines and specially designed stillwater floating line for indicator fishing.