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Southfork Magnetic Fly Holder

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The Southfork Magnetic Fly Holder is an awesome accessory for your vest or pack. You can quickly hold flies while out on the stream without making swapping flies faster to get you back on the water! It comes in two sizes to better fit your needs the larger two-sided Duo and the versatile Solo. 


The two-sided DUO has many options for the avid fly fisherman. Both sides can be used when clasping the carabiner to a fishing pack or watercraft, and provide a maximum holding area for a variety of small and large flies.

If your preference is to hang off your chest pack, fishing vest, or lanyard, you can simply remove one of the two magnetized rubber molds from the stainless steel plate. One side lays flat and the other side can be used to hold flies. You can also remove the plate and use the magnetic force to hold the two sides of the DUO together on your watercraft, pack, or wherever you can imagine.


The single-sided SOLO offers tremendous versatility for the fly-fishing minimalist who wants to step into the water with as little gear as possible. Given the lightweight nature of the SOLO, it can easily be clasped onto the brim of a hat, attached to an existing lanyard, or fishing pack. The steel plate can be placed inside a pack or fishing shirt, and the magnetized rubber mold will attach directly to the plate and
stay in place.