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Last Chance CDC Baetis Cripple Fly Tying Materials

Rene Harrop's fly patterns were developed with an experienced eye for detail. This fly was proven on the Henry's Fork, one of the most demanding trout fisheries in the country. We use it on our local tailwater to imitate Blue Winged Olive mayflies, and the fish seem to really dig it. Tie in sizes 16-22.

Last Chance Cripple Material List:

Hook: Daiichi 1100 or Tiemco 100 size 16 to 22

Thread: Tiemco 16/0

Shuck: Spirit River Sparkle Yarn, Darlon, or Z-Lon

Tail: Wood Duck or Mallard Dyed Wood Duck

Abdomen: Stripped Peacock Herl, Turkey Biots, or Thread and Wire

Wing: 2-3 matched CDC feathers

Thorax: Nature’s Spirit Fine Natural DubbingNature’s Spirit Emergence Dubbing, or Wapsi Superfine Dubbing

Hackle: Dun Dry Fly Hackle