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Hot Bead Soft Backed Baetis Nymph Tying Materials

Guide Dave Gamet ties his Hot Bead Soft Backed Baetis Nymph. This is a proven pattern here on our Black Hills trout streams and on the Bighorn River. Great fly for the spring when baetis nymphs are active. Dave is never without a few of these, and you shouldn't be either! 

Soft Backed Baetis Nymph Materials:

Hook: Tiemco 212y Size 15-21 

Bead: Hareline Plummeting Tungsten Bead or Tyer’s Glass Beads 

Tails: Coq de Leon Fibers 

Body: Moose Mane or Stripped Peacock Herl 

Wingcase: Coq de Leon after fluff 

Thorax: Nature’s Spirit Fine Natural Dubbing