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News — Fiberglass

Epic Fly Rod Building Class

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Fishing build your own kit Epic epic fiberglass Fiberglass Fly Rod Rod Building Uncategorized

Epic fiberglass fly rods are some of the finest rods we’ve ever cast, and the ready-to-wrap kits make building a rod a breeze even if you’ve never done it before. The kits come with absolutely everything you need right down to the china marker to mark on the rod. These are some of the most fantastic fiberglass fly rods out there, and are some of the most fun rods we’ve ever fished. For fishing the small streams of the Black Hills, these are the perfect rod!

While fiberglass fly rods are considered by many folks to be primitive, these aren’t the...

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Epic Fly Rod Build!

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Fishing Epic Fly Rods Fiberglass Rod Building Swift Fly Fishing Uncategorized

We’ve been patiently waiting for a package from New Zealand to show up, and it finally did last week. Dave texted me a picture of Karl opening his Epic Wrap-Your-Own kit, and shortly afterwards I was at the shop unzipping mine as well. These rods are really, really cool. The blanks are translucent, and you […]

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Why you should fish Fiberglass

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Fishing black hills fly fishing black hills trout fishing Butter Stick Echo F2 Fiberglass Glass Rapid Creek Redington Scott Fly Rods Uncategorized

Fiberglass fly rods are making a comeback the last few years, and for good reason. Several companies are manufacturing high quality fiberglass rods, including Scott, Redington, and Echo. Many people scoff at the idea of paying current fly rod prices for “outdated” technology and feel, but there’s several valid reasons to convert back to fiberglass, at […]

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