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Wapsi Supreme Hair

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Super Hair is a synthetic fiber that creates an extremely durable wing on streamer flies. It can be used as a bucktail substitute- this works very well when substituted for bucktail on Clouser Minnows. If you are tying flies for bass, pike, or muskies Super Hair is a must have material. It is also invaluable to the saltwater fly tier.

This material is also used for the body material on JuJu Midges and JuJu Baetis. Charlie Craven uses this pattern on his JuJu patterns. Use two-three strands of your body color and one strand of a ribbing color (two olive strands and one black strand for a baetis nymph). Tie in as you would any body material, wrap the strands at the same time, and you will get a very durable and realistic looking abdomen. The ribbing color adds segmentation and really makes the abdomen stand out.

Here is an example of a baetis nymph tied with red super hair and black super hair ribbing.