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UV chewee skin fly tying materials

Hareline Dubbin

UV Chewee Skin

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UV Chewee skin is one of our favorite fly tying materials. Chewee skin provides a life-like appearance and soft feel to your flies. Some of our favorite uses for UV Chewee skin are caddis larva patterns, stonefly nymphs, and scud flies. Chewee skin must be sealed once it has been wrapped around the hook. Many fly tying cements melt UV Chewee skin. The best sealant we have found for UV Chewee skin is Loon's Soft Head Clear.


UV Chewee skin is a very stretch material. It comes in a roughly a 2.5 x 5" piece. To use UV Chewee skin, cut a strip between 1/6" and 1/8", tie in and wrap for the body. We suggest cutting the chewee skin with a razor and a straight edge. The cleaner the cut, the more durable your flies will be. For ultimate durability be sure to coat the chewed skin with an approved cement/uv resin after tying. 


See some of our favorite fly patterns that use UV Chewee Skin in the videos below:

















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