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Umpqua U402 U-Series Hook 25 Pack

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A great saltwater hook option for when you need to keep things small, the U402 is an exceptional choice for many smaller flats style saltwater patterns and Belize/Yucatan bonefish flies. The 1X heavy wire, sproat bend design is available in both a stainless or nickel-plated (NP) finish. This hook is part of Umpqua’s U-series of hooks, offering the serious fly tyer a value-based hook alternative to the current offerings on the market. U-series hooks feature high grade carbon steel, micro barbs for easy penetration and de-barbing, along with a logical numbering system for hook use identification. Sold in packs of 25.  Stainless steel.

-        Small Saltwater Flies

-        1X Strong

-        Standard Length

-        Sproat Bend

-        Straight Eye