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Umpqua U101 Nymph U-Series Hook 50 Pack

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Umpqua U-Series U101 Nymph Hook 50 Pack

Nymph Hook, Sproat Bend, 1xl Shank, 1x Strong

Excellent all purpose nymph hook. Will work with most beads. 


The U-series hooks from Umpqua are a great value priced fly tying hook. The high carbon steel hooks are packaged in quantities of 50, so they make a great bulk hook for fly tiers as well. Umpqua's U-series hooks feature chemically sharpened points, micro barbs for easy penetration and easy de-barbing, and a broad range of the most desirable hook styles. U-Series hooks are available in dry fly, nymph, curved, streamer, saltwater and specialty hook styles. If you're looking for a great hook at a great price be sure to try the U-Series hooks from Umpqua.