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umpqua competition hooks jig hook c400bl barbless

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Umpqua Competition Hooks C400Bl Jig Nymph

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Umpqua Competition C400BL Jig Hook

The C400BL Jig hook is fast becoming one of our favorite nymph tying hooks. The C400BL is a great hook for czech nymphing flies or european nymphing rigs. Match the C400BL with the appropriately sized slotted tungsten bead for a jig nymph that will bounce along the bottom without snagging up.
We use these jig flies in both czech nymph rigs and indicator nymphing rigs. 
Check out our fly tying videos featuring the C400bl:

C400BL Hook Specifications

60 Degree Jig Hook for Use With Beads. Straight, Heavy Wire, Wide Gape, X Long Needle Point, Barbless, Black Nickel Finish
Made in the Czech Republic

Umpqua C400BL Hook Slotted Bead Size Recomendations

2.3mm - 3.0mm - C400BL size 16

2.8mm - 3.5mm - C400BL size 14

3.3mm - 4.0mm - C400BL size 12

3.8mm - 4.6mm - C400BL size 10

4.5mm - 4.6mm - C400BL size 8




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