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Toothy Critters Love Flies by George Bernstein

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Toothy Critters Love Flies brings a new world to both the amateur and experienced fly-fisher. Taking pike and musky on flies has become the in thing in recent years. These fierce predators gobble flies with gusto, providing anglers great fun catching lots of big fish (think twenty pounds and up!) Toothy Critters gives neophyte and experienced fly-fishers the most complete information he needs to catch Toothy Critters on flies. It also provides something new: a focus on “Bonus Species,” (smallmouth bass, Arctic grayling, lake trout, brook trout and walleye), giving the how, where and when for these great fish while seeking pike or musky. Twenty years of experience taught the author some of what others espouse regarding tackle and flies might be flawed. He tells the reader why and describe what he believes are the best flies…and how to tie them. This book will provide all you need to be an expert in this exciting sport…and the envy of all your fishing buddies.