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Tenkara USA Tapered Tenkara Line Length 11 ft

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The traditional Tapered Tenkara Line from Tenkara USA are really fun to cast. They feel very close to what a western line feels like while casting. We love the traditional tapered tenkara lines for fishing dry flies. 

Tenkara USA Description:

Tenkara USA's 3rd generation traditional tenkara lines are an improvement over our original lines: they cast more easily, with more precision, better against wind, and do not tangle/coil when freed from a snag. 

These have been developed to cast in perfect balance with tenkara rods - with power and precision - yet make the most delicate presentations you have ever seen. These lines are an improvement over our first offer of traditional tenkara lines, being easier to cast, easier to cast through breezes and yet easy to keep off the water. We believe we achieved the perfect line with this one. 

Tenkara lines come with a transition loop on the thicker end, which will be girth-hitched to the tip of the tenkara rod. 
The line comes in a package containing instructions and a spool to store your line.

Tenkara USA lines are hand-woven by expert line-makers in the United States.

Length: 10ft. 6in or 13ft
Transition loop: Soft Spectra® braid, 80lb