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Tenkara USA Rhodo Outfit

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Tenkara has been becoming more and more popular over the last few years here at our shop. We have put together a kit that has everything that you need to get out on the water and experience it for yourself. The outfit includes a Tenkara USA Rhodo rod, 3.5 level line, a blue spool line keeper, and a pack of three traditional Tenkara flies.

Rhodo 8’10” – 9’9″ – 10’6″ – If you like fishing super small streams for native fish, this is the rod for you. It can get into the tightest of situations, and a 10″ brookie feels like a steelhead. It features the same triple zoom as the longer Sato as well. If small streams are your gig, this is your rod. 

Tenkara USA Rhodo Outfit Includes

  • Rhodo Triple-zoom 8’10”/ 9’9”/10’6” Rod
  • 3.5 Level line in pink or orange
  • Blue Spool- Holds the line when you are done fishing
  •  3 Traditional Tenkara Flies