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Tenkara Usa net

Tenkara USA

Tenkara USA Net

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We have fallen in love with tenkara nets for stream fly-fishing. These nets are made after the original design of traditional tenkara nets, with the frame positioned at an angle from the handle and a super fine mesh (2mm). The angle makes tenkara nets not only unique and exquisite, but also highly functional, and the fine mesh offers several advantages to angler and fish. If someone were to design a net for stream fishing nowadays they wouldn't arrive at such a great design.

The angled net allows you to position it on your back, through the wading belt ,while the net stays off your back and allows for free movement. If you're hiking the net will never get on your way, even with a backpack you may keep in on your side, and go through bushes without a problem.
When fishing in shallower water you can press it behind your knees after you net a fish so you can use both hands to manage the fish, or take a picture. It has become our favorite picture-taking device. If in deeper water, you can also leave the handle through your wading belt on your side as you have both hands free to unhook the fish or take a picture. The round handle also ensures you can position it between your legs, or the positions mentioned above, and it won't turn. In sum, a very well designed angler's tool.

The super fine mesh is hand-made with nylon, and has 2mm gaps. The very fine mesh has several advantages: it cradles the fish to minimize damage to its skin. It will never snag your fly. And, fish will never get caught as may happen in the wider gaps of some nets. It's also very light weight and will not absorb water, thus completely drying it with a shake.

These nets are hand-made in China with 2 pieces of wood. They are guaranteed free of defects, and were triple inspected. However, they have a limited warranty, which does not cover broken nets. We strongly advise you hold the net in your hand if descending a steep or slippery hill, since falling on it may break it.

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