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Superior Spruce Moth

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"Spruce moths are a big deal on a number of Rocky Mountain rivers, especially in SWMT. It’s a relatively “new” hatch to pursue, the insect’s population has increased dramatically over the last decade, and there aren’t a ton of good imitations out there yet. My Superior Spruce Moth meets all the criteria for a good spruce moth, it floats well, has a slightly shorter and fatter profile than a caddis, and it’s overall tan/cream in color. Most of the current imitations of this insect are really basic. Mine is the first “modern” looking imitation as far as I know. It floats, it’s durable, and it’s angler friendly, like all of my flies. The spruce moth is a pretty “in” hatch right now and there aren’t a ton of spruce moths in shops’ bins yet… This is a great fly to capitalize on the popularity of this hatch right now." - Andrew Grillos