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St. Croix Bank Robber Outfit

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St. Croix Bank Robber Outfit

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With the increased popularity of streamer fishing in the past few years, a lot of people have been throwing larger flies for bigger fish. One of the best rods made for this type of fishing is the Kelly Galloup St.Croix Bank Robber - if you're throwing big flies and sink tips, this is the rod that's going to make it easiest for you to throw meat all day. The Bank Robber Outfit comes with the following - 

  • St. Croix Bank Robber Rod in 5,6, or 7 weight - Lifetime Warranty
  • Echo Ion Reel - 4/5 size for the 5 weight, 6/7 for the 6 and 7 weights
  • Airflo Kelly Galloup Streamer Line in the appropriate weight

This is the best streamer rod available in our opinion, and with the Echo Reel and Kelly Galloup streamer line, it makes an excellent setup. Our staff will load the reel up with backing and line, and the rod will arrive to you ready to fish! If you're looking to get into fishing streamers for big trout, as well as throwing flies for white bass, smallmouth, and other warmwater species, this is a great setup. 

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