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Spey Flies and How to Tie Them by Bob Veverka

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Veverka balances his tales of history with detailed, step-by-step, photo-by-photo tying instructions for 3 kinds of patterns—Spey, Dee, & eagle. Patterns include: Akroyd, Ghost, Golden Pheasant Spey, & Steelhead Sunrise. 100 color photos by Michael Radencich, 12 pencil drawings; 8.5x11 inches, 168 pgs.

Advice for choosing the best hooks, thread, materials, and feathers

Spey Flies originated on the River Spey in northeastern Scotland and are well over one hundred and fifty years old. Author Bob Veverka, passionate about Spey flies, gives us the history and background on 115 classic patterns, including step-by-step instructions for tying the Lady Caroline, White-Winged Akroyd Dee, and Orange Heron.

tiers like Syd Glasso, Walt Johnson, Mark Walkick, and Steve Gobin. Patterns covered include the Akroyd, Ghost, Golden Pheasant Spey, and Steelhead Sunrise. Veverka has read numerous books on the subject and gives a historical overview and background on how the flies developed and what has been published to date on the subject.