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SLF Dave Whitlock Dubbing Dispenser #1

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A 12 color dispenser loaded with SLF Dave Whitlock Dubbing. These are Dave Whitlock's Signature dubbing blends. Used to tie Dave's most popular and famous flies, such as the Red Fox Squirrel Nymph. Included in this dubbing assortment are the following colors-

  1. Fox Squirrel Nymph Thorax
  2. Fox Squirrel Nymph Abdomen
  3. Sowbug Gray
  4. Sowbug Tan
  5. Scud & Shrimp Gray
  6. Scud & Shrimp Olive
  7. Scud & Shrimp Tan
  8. Scud & Shrimp Orange/Pink
  9. Dragonfly Nymph Olive
  10. Dragonfly Nymph Dark
  11. Damselfly Nymph Olive
  12. Damselfly Nymph Tan