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Scott Flex Fly Rod

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Scott Flex Fly Rods are super light, effortless to cast, and extremely forgiving, and they let you focus on fishing better, rather than thinking about casting. These are a great step up for someone that bought an entry level fly rod, and is looking to get into something considerably nicer at a price that's not going to break the bank. Scott Flex Fly Rods are very forgiving rods that lend themselves well to fishing a variety of techniques. However you prefer to fish, and whether it's for brookies or bass, there's a flex rod that will do it! These are beautiful fly rods that are finished with the highest quality components. The Scott Flex Rods have a moderately fast action that lends itself well to the tempo of most people's fly cast. These rods have a softer tip that allows you make precision casts in close, protect light tippets, and feel subtle strikes, but have a very powerful butt section that allows you to cast that double nymph rig a few feet further or put the wood to a big fish. Flex rods generate line speed and tight loops effortlessly, helping you cast accurately and control your presentations. Scott Flex Fly Rods feature powerful butt sections help with quick, positive hook sets and fish control. Flex rods use many of the innovations found in Scott's award winning Radian and Meridian rods. Flex rods combine high performance with top quality components. And, each Flex rod is handcrafted, start to finish, in Montrose, Colorado. 

Fish better….fish the rod that works hard for you. The Scott Flex fly rod is a fantastic choice for the beginner and seasoned angler alike! 

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