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Scientific Anglers Mastery Bass Bug Fly Line

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Scientific Anglers Mastery Bass Bug - The fly line for bass junkies. If you fish for largemouth and smallmouth bass, and you want a line you can count on to turn over big flies, then look no further than the Bass Bug line. The taper is very similar to the Titan Long taper, but has a warmwater coating that holds up to summer's heat and humidity.

 Scientific Anglers Mastery Bass Bug Line Specification
Line Weight Head Length Total Length Grain Weight*
WF-6-F 43.0’ / 13,0m 90.0’ / 27,5m 210gr / 13,6g
WF-7-F 43.0’ / 13,0m 90.0’ / 27,5m 240gr / 15,6g
WF-8-F 43.0’ / 13,0m 90.0’ / 27,5m 280gr / 18,1g
WF-9-F 43.0’ / 13,0m 90.0’ / 27,5m 330gr / 21,4g
WF-10-F 43.0’ / 13,0m 90.0’ / 27,5m 380gr / 24,6g