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Sage Salt R8 Fly Rod

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The Sage Salt R8 fly rod is a high-performance fly fishing rod designed for saltwater angling. It is built with Sage's proprietary KonneticHD technology, which provides increased power and accuracy while reducing weight. The R8 is designed for a wide range of saltwater fishing situations, including casting larger flies, making long-distance presentations, and fighting powerful fish.

The rod is designed to be 25% stronger per weight than the previous versions, which allows for faster landing times and reduces fish stress and catch-and-release pressure on delicate ecosystems. Sage's rod designers also made the Salt R8 rod more intuitive, with a sweet spot that makes it easy to handle, and a taper that provides fine touch shots and precise presentations. Saltwater fly rods have a reputation for being unwieldy, unforgiving, and difficult but with the SALT R8, the days of sacrificing feel and touch in your saltwater rod are gone.

Sage Salt R8 Features

 25% Greater Strength Per Rod - Greater Pulling power equals more fight for faster landing and less stress on delicate ecosystems
 Enhanced Durability - Enhanced toughness withstands more rugged situations and demands of remote travel
 More Intuitive Sweet Spot - Prioritizes touch and speed for shorter shots and
on-demand casts
 Saltwater Specific Guide Set - Titanium Fuji K-guides resist corrosion, while angled shape prevents snags and tangling in the chaos of the fight. Oversized chrome snake guides and tip-top allow larger saltwater knots to pass with ease.
 Heavy-Duty Reel Seat - Built for enhanced contact and confidence, heavy-duty reel seat and oversized locking rings keep reel tight to the rod for greater contact, rigidity, and a more direct connection when fighting powerful high-stakes fish