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RIO Puparazzi

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Caddis larva are one of the most prevalent insects in rivers, and are particularly loved by trout. In the real world caddis pupa have dark wing pads and antennae that are very noticeable, and have a body and legs that undulate enticingly in the water. Across the spectrum of the caddis family the pupae vary considerably in color; from light tan, to cinnamon brown, chartreuse greens to dark olive, and all the shades in between. On the water, we have found many an occasion when going a shade lighter (or darker) can make a big difference in your success rate, so having a selection of as many colors as possible makes a lot of sense. RIO's Puparazzi will represent nearly every color of caddis pupae out there. We particularly recommend our unique blue/green pupa color that perfectly matches the Green Rock Worm - a much sought after, and very common caddis pupa around the world. This fly is tied on a barbless jig hook and has a mottled tungsten bead to look as natural as possible, while keeping the fly in the feeding zone. Finally, black wing pads offer a striking contrast to the body color. All-in-all, this has proven to be one of the most effective caddis pupa patterns we have ever designed and tried, and we have found that trout absolutely love this fly - and so will you.