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Rio Permit Fly Assortment

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Permit are hard to catch on a fly - notoriously spooky, very picky eaters, and extremely hard fighters when hooked. Their diet generally varies between shrimp and crabs, which means that any angler targeting these majestic fish needs a general selection of both. With RIO’s Permit Assortment you will be prepared for every Permit fishery across the globe – no matter what their food of choice is that day.

RIO’s Permit Assortment includes 7 very effective permit flies, which include the following:

1. Avalon Heavy – Tan, Size 2

2. Avalon Light – Tan, Size 2

3. RIO's Kahuna Crab – Olive, Size 1

4. RIO's Kahuna Crab – Tan, Size 1

5. RIO's Liquid Courage – Shrimp, Size 1

6. Woolly Crab – Olive, Size 4

7. Woolly Crab – Tan, Size 4