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Rio Intouch Mid Head Spey Fly Line

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If you're fishing for summer steelhead with a dry line technique, this is the line to have! The Mid Head Spey is a great choice for those that are looking into getting a long belly line, but don't want to go to the 70 plus foot head lines. This is an easy line to learn to cast, and it has a ton of power to cast long distances. Going from a Scandi style line to this line is a breeze. It excels at fishing dry line style, but you can fish a reasonably sized sink tip on it if need be. The low stretch core allows you to feel at long distances and get positive hooksets as well. Great all around summer steelhead line!

What Rio has to say:

The InTouch Mid Head Spey line has an easy casting mid length head, with a long "step" taper at the front that unrolls with extreme ease and efficiency. The head length is ideal for Spey rods between 13ft and 14ft in length, and for mid-sized rivers. the line is built with RIO's ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the very best in performance, and features AgentX & Extreme Slickness technologies, as well as welded loops on both ends, and a bright orange Loading Point marker.

The line has the following head specifications:

6/7 - 52ft, 540gr
7/8 - 54ft, 590gr
8/9 - 56ft, 650gr
9/10 - 58ft, 710gr
10/11 - 60ft, 785gr


  • Agent X
  • Connect Core
  • Extreme Slickness
  • Front Loop
  • Loading Point