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Riendeau's Georgia Bullfrawg

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Riendeau's Georgia Bullfrawg - The Georgia Bullfrawg is the fly fisherman’s answer to the various weedless frog baits that can be fished in heavy cover and in the “out of the way” places.   This is the fly to fish in those areas often deemed too difficult to fish where the really big bass are hiding.  Watch the weed beds bulge as the bass track this fly before they blow up on it like a grenade.  It is constructed of a sealed foam body for buoyancy and durability, sili legs for tons of movement, and a fully functional wire weed guard so you can fish it in the lily pads and weeds without getting snagged.  Throw the fly deep into heavy matted weeds and then crawl it out, pausing at holes or breaks in the weeds.  It can be fishing in open water just as good too.  This is a frog that that largemouth cannot resist.


It is available in three colors: Bullfrawg (green), Leopard, and Black Silhouette and is about 4” long.