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Regal Revolution Vise Big Game Jaw Bronze Pocket Base - Lime

Regal Revolution Vise with Big Game Jaws

If you're tying the burliest of streamers, the Regal Revolution with Big Game Jaws is the vise for you! These are built with the Pike/Musky, Saltwater, and streamer crowd in mind. The Revolution series of Regal Vises combines the time-tested jaws and function of their famous head design, and adds an in-line rotary function for the ultimate in fly tying vises. Easy, one handed operation that will securely hold hooks from a minuscule 22 to a massive 5/0. The Big Game jaws feature two grooves on one side of the jaws to aid in the holding of big hooks. The pocket base allows you to set hooks, eyes, materials, and tools inside without worrying about them rolling all over your tying desk. If you're tying flies with an attitude, the Regal Revolution Big Game Vise is just what you need.

Regal Revolution Features

  • The Revolution combines the time tested design of the Medallion vise with a true in-line rotary function that allows you to reach every corner of your fly, as well as allowing you to wrap materials easily. 
  • The Big Game Jaws are made for the burliest of hooks. Pike and Musky flies come to mind when looking at this vise. Everything about the Revolution is built to last.
  • Pocketed Brass Base that's heavy enough to keep your vise from wobbling aorund when you're tying big flies that require a lot of thread tension, plus it looks great! The pockets allow you to put hooks, beads, tools, etc. in them and keep them from rolling all over your tying space. 
  • Simple one-handed operation that allows you to tie flies from 22 to 5/0 with zero vise adjustments. Simply squeeze the handle, place the hook in the jaws, and let the jaws close. The hook is secure and won't wobble around at all!
  • Grooved jaws to aid in the holding of large hooks.

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