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Orvis Clearwater Outfit

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The Clearwater 9' Fly Rod Outfit is a standard for western rivers and bigger eastern water. Not only does it have the length to reach out and control drifts and the power to reach far banks, but the line weight to handle big trout and light bass. Firing a big streamer up and across a big river and reaching out to mend the line and control the drift is right in this rod's wheelhouse. Throwing big attractors with droppers, or big hoppers in the early fall is the perfect task for this rod. If big water and big flies are called for, then the Clearwater 9' Outfit is the weapon of choice at a price that will keep a lot of travel money in your pocket.

Rod outfits include:

  • Clearwater 905-4 fly rod
  • Clearwater II reel
  • Clearwater 5-Weight fly line
  • 100 yds. 20-lb. Dacron® backing
  • Rod tube


  • Clearwater 906-4 fly rod
  • Clearwater II reel
  • Clearwater 6-Weight fly line
  • 75 yds 20-lb  Dacron® backing
  • Rod tube