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OPST Commando Sink Tip 12'

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OPST Commando Sink tips are made to work with the popular Commando Skagit Heads. The Commando Tips are available in three different grain weights to match up to different sized heads/rods. Each Grain Weight is available in 3 different sink rates to allow for fishing riffles, runs, and deep pools.

96 Grain Tips- For Rod Sizes 2-6 (sink Rates: Riffle, Run, Bucket)

132 Grain Tips- For Rod Sizes 5-8 (sink Rates: Riffle, Run, Bucket)

168 Grain Tips- For Rod Sizes 7-10 (sink Rates: Riffle, Run, Bucket)

The tips are dual density- for example the S2/3 Designation means the back half of the tip is type 2 and the front is type 3 sink. (3/4 = Type 3/Type 4 , 5/6 Type 5/Type 6, etc.) The dual density allows for a straighter sink and a tighter connection to the fly. See the chart below for matching tips to the different sized Commando heads.

96 Grain, 12 foot (T8):
132 grain, 12 foot (T11):
168 Grain, 12 foot (T14):
Rod Size: 2-6
Rod Size: 5-8
Rod Size: 7-10
Color: Yellow Color: Light Blue Color: Tan
Riffle: S2/3 Riffle: S2/3 Riffle: 2/3
Run: S3/4 Run: S5/6 Run: S5/6
Bucket: S5/6 Bucket: S8/9 Bucket: S8/9