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New Age Krinkle Mirror Flash

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The New Age Krinkle Flash from Cascade Crest is a blend of Krinkle Flash, Holographic Tinsel, and UV Fibers. They are one of a kind. Great material for adding some extra flash or movement to your favorite streamer patterns!

Color Descriptions:

- Winter Run Purple: Mixture of Blue and Gold Holographic with an Electric Purple UV Fiber

- Winter Run Blue: Shades of Peacock Blue Holographic surrounded by Blue Krinkle and UV Fibers

- Green Apple: Bright Chartreuse Krinkle and UV Fibers with a hint of Light Olive Holographic

- Midnight Fire: Red , Blue and Purple Holographic with Purple Krinkle and UV Fibers

 - Cherry Pearl: Vibrant Gold Holographic with Deep Red UV and Cranberry Krinkle

- Sparkling Wine: Deep Scarlet UV fibers with a blend of Red Holographic and Krinkle

- Midnight Rainbow: Peacock Black Krinkle and Red plus Blue Holographic with Deep Purple UV Fibers

- Orange Crush: Gold and Orange Holographic with Hot Orange Krinkle and UV Fibers

- Amberstone: Soft Orange UV with Bright Holographic with an Orange Krinkle Flash