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MGT Skinny Jig Bundle

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The Skinny Jig has been a killer fly pattern both in the Black Hills and on many other trout streams and rivers. This fly is simple to tie and is easy to fill up a box with lots of sizes and colors. The Micro Glint Tinsel gives the body a nice iridescence and shine that trout can't resist. Olive, brown, peacock, and black are a few favorite colors, but lots of other colors can be effective as well! This bundle includes enough materials to tie 50 flies, with some leftover. 

  • Hook - Kumoto KJ310 or Hanak 400 or Hanak 450
  • Bead - Slotted Tungsten
  • Tail - Coq de Leon 
  • Body/Thread - Semperfli Micro Glint Tinsel
  • Rib - Ultra Wire
  • Thorax - Ice Dub

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