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Little Black Book of Fly Fishing by Kirk Deeter & Chris Hunt

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The mission of The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing was to demystify and un-complicate the tricks and tips that make a great trout fisher. There are no complicated physics lessons in that book. Rather, The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing offered a simple, digestible primer on the basic elements of fly fishing: the cast, presentation, reading water, and selecting flies.

In this, The Little Black Book of Fly Fishing, authors Kirk Deeter and Chris Hunt take you to the next level, building upon what Deeter and Charlie Meyers did in The Little Red BookThe Little Black Book will helps fly fishers build upon what they learned in the Little Red Book.Advanced casting, presentation, reading the water, fly selection, and much more, including proper gear selection, are all covered.

Read this valuable, thought-provoking guidebook, and you'll be at the point where you'll be catching fish when no one else is, and you'll know exactly why you are. 5X7 inches, 224 pgs.