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Rio InTouch Rio Grand Fly Line

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InTouch Rio Grand Fly Line

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InTouch Rio Grand Fly Line

The InTouch RIO Grand is a full line size heavier than the industry standard, and features more weight distributed towards the front of the line to easily load faster action fly rods. The ultra-low stretch ConnectCore provides groundbreaking levels of sensitivity for intuitively better cast timing, easier line lift and sharp, precise mends.

The Rio Grand taper of fly lines is a great choice for the beginning fly angler, but is fantastic for the experienced angler as well. The heavier weight helps someone that's new to fly fishing feel the rod load a bit easier, and it makes the learning curve easier. The front heavy line taper enables you to power out casts with wind resistant flies and indicator rigs easily. This is one of our favorite lines for teaching folks that are newer to the sport of fly fishing! It's a fantastic choice for some of the modern super-fast action rods as well, as it makes them load a bit deeper and makes the caster feel the rod much easier than if you were using more of a traditional tapered fly line. The ConnectCore feature of this line means it has a low stretch core compared to a regular fly line, and it helps with everything from casting to sensitivity to hooksets. When you stretch your cast out, you no longer get the mushy, rubber band sensation due to your fly line stretching in the air. Strikes are much easier to detect, and every hookset is solid with the low stretch core!

InTouch Rio Grand Fly Line Features:

  • Easily loads fast action rods
  • ConnectCore improves cast timing, hook set and mending
  • One full line size heavier than industry standard

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