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Hemingway's Bug Flesh

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Hemingway’s Bug Flesh. Bug Flesh uses a proprietary body compound that makes it incredibly easy to tie perfectly proportioned bodies every time. Bug Flesh can be incorporated into any of your favorite patterns; from larvae, nymphs, and even dries. That's right! It even works for dry flies and emergers due to the fact that Hemingway’s bug flesh compound is lighter then water. Use just a dab of floatant and your dry flies will be float high and your emergers will rise up in the water column grabbing the attention of the most wary fish and cause violent takes.

Hemingway's Bug Flesh bodies wrap smooth bodies; no more ugly, bumpy or un-proportioned bodies. All patterns tied using bug flesh will have the perfect shape and feel because bug flesh are tapered from a fine .3 mm tip to a 2.6 mm end. Hemingway’s Bug Flesh has a translucent 3-D quality that can't be matched by any other material in the industry.