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Hatch Finatic Reel Bead Blasted Finish 3 Plus Sand

Hatch Outdoors

Hatch Finatic Reel Bead Blasted Finish Special Edition 2017

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Hatch Finatic Fly Reel - Custom Bead Blasted Finish

Available in Sand Bead Blasted Finish in 3 plus - 5 Plus

Available in Azul Bead Blasted Finish in 7 Plus and 9 Plus

For 2017 Hatch has created a limited edition series of Finatic Fly Reels available through select dealers. The smaller sized reels (3 Plus, 4 Plus & 5 Plus) come in Bead Blasted Sand finish with black anodized spindle and gloss black paint fill. Large Arbor only. 

For the larger models, the finish is Bead Blasted Azul with silver anodized spindle and paint fill. Large Arbor only.

Very Limited Quantities!

These Special Edition Hatch Finatic Reels feature the high quality machining, incredibly precise drag, and bombproof construction of any Hatch Reel. All Hatch Reels feature Type 2 Anodizing, One Piece Frame/Reel Seat Construction, Multi-Disc Sealed Rulon Drags, and are Made in the USA.  

  • Hatch Finatic 3 Plus Reel - Large Arbor - Lines 3-5 weight
    • Backing Capacity - 20# Dacron/LA Spool: WF3F-110, Wf4F-100, WF5F-80
  • Hatch Finatic 4 Plus Reel - Large Arbor - Lines 4-6 weight
    • Backing - 20# Dacron/LA Spool: WF4F-110, Wf5F-100, WF6F-80
  • Hatch Finatic 5 Plus Reel - Large Arbor - Lines 5-7 weight
    • Backing- 20# Dacron/LA Spool: WF5F-130, WF6F-110, WF7F-100
  • Hatch Finatic 7 Plus Reel - Large Arbor - Lines 7-9 weight
    • Backing Capacity -20# Dacron/LA Spool: WF7F-220, WF8F-210, WF9F-200
  • Hatch Finatic 9 Plus Reel - Large Arbor - 9-11 Weight
    • Backing Capacity- 20# Dacron/LA Spool: WF7F-220, WF8F-210, WF9F-200

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