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Goat Head Spool Clip w/ Large Arbor Conversion

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Goat Head Gear is pleased to announce a conversion kit for our immensely popular Spool Clip. Spool Clips are a new way to carry your tippet spools. Their simple and compact design keeps your spools handy yet out of the way at the same time.

This conversion kit is designed specifically for Trout Hunter Tippet and Umpqua Tippet and will likely work with all other tippet spools with a large arbor design.

As Trout Hunter Tippet is also a narrower width, it allows for holding 3 spools at a time. If you choose to use this for Umpqua spools there is some hacking to do but it is easy and can be done without tools. Simply push out the center ring which lock in the back of the spool and you can hold 2 Umpqua Tippet spools. 

A single Spool Clip will hold 2 standard tippet spools (fits most spools) and fits securely to most nylon straps. How many times have your old clunky tippet caddies hooked on the bushes or been caught in your slack line? Never again with Spool Clips! 

* Tippet spools not included with purchase