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Goat Head Sole Spikes Cup – 1/2 Inch Long

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Goat Head Sole Spikes are carefully engineered, hardened, stainless steel traction spikes that can be easily screwed into the soles of most any outdoor shoe. Our 1/2” Sole Spike is designed especially for boots. Today’s softer boot outsoles require a cleat that will hang tight and give you reliable traction! Get the legendary gripping Goat Head Sole Spikes for your next outdoor adventure. Sole Spikes are created to solve a common issue for outdoor enthusiasts – the need for traction while maintaining the high performance of your chosen footwear. For fishermen, hunters, hikers, and people who don’t like to slip and fall.

Get the legendary gripping Goat Head Sole Spikes™ for your next outdoor adventure or jog around the block. Sole Spikes™ will help keep you upright when conditions are less than ideal due to weather or surface – or both.  There are many uses for Sole Spikes™ so find a place for them in your gear bag!

Soles Spikes™ can be used for:

  • Fishing (fly fishing, ice fishing)
  • Hiking (casual day hikes to serious back country treks)
  • On the job (lifties, delivery, construction, tactical, public safety)
  • In your equipment (lawn mowers, snow blowers, fork lifts)

Each cup contains:

  • 30 quality Sole Spikes made from cold-forged, heat-hardened, corrosion resistant stainless steel for maximum durability
  • Cup includes 1/4" magnetic socket bit for EASY installation
  • 28 biting edges on each head for superior traction with fewer spikes
  • Serrated flange “locks” the spike into the sole to prevent back-turning and fall out
  • Easy to install in just about any shoe as our needle point screw tip allows goes right in without pre-drilling or other methods30 stainless steel Sole Spikes™

NOTE: This length of Sole Spike is NOT recommended for running shoes and shoes with shallower footbeds.