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IMX-PRO 590-4

G Loomis IMX Pro Fly Rod

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Every few years a rod series comes out that blows us away, regardless of price – the new G Loomis IMX Pro series of fly rods are doing exactly that. Loomis really hasn’t been on a lot of people’s radar around our area for awhile, but that’s quickly changing after folks give the IMX Pro a wiggle and a test cast. Each rod in the IMX Pro series has a distinct taper and action that’s particularly suited to a certain style of fishing. These rods have a cool, classic Loomis finish and lettering on them that gives them a different look than many of the other rods out on the rod rack. Whether you’re looking for a rod to fish little dries to picky fish or one to throw articulated streamers, there’s an IMX Pro in the lineup that will fit the bill.

8’6″ 4 Weight – This rod is an awesome all-around Black Hills rod. It’s light enough that our average 8-14″ small stream fish is fun, but has enough power that you can put a bobber and two nymphs and weight on and not feel under gunned. There’s a time and place for really moderate action 4 weights, but the medium fast IMX Pro falls right into the sweet spot between too soft and super fast. The 4 weight is an awesome big river dry fly rod as well. If you wanted to have one rod to fish just about everything locally, this is an awesome choice.

9′ 5 weight – Just about everyone that fly fishes has a 9′ 5 weight in their arsenal if not two or three, and for good reason – if you’re trout fishing, a 5 weight will do just about everything you need it to do, whether you’re on a lake, river, or stream. The action on the 5 weight is pretty similar to the 4 weight, but a little faster and a little more powerful. This rod is easy to cast, and you can get pretty fast line speed with a relaxed tempo. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your starter rod or just want to try something different, this is a do it all rod that is a ton of fun to fish! 

9′ 6 Weight – If you fish big rivers like the North Platte, Bighorn, or Missouri, the 9′ 6 weight is the all around tool of choice. Big hoppers like a Chubby Chernobyl with a dropper? No problem. 3/4″ Thingamabobber, 2 nymphs, and a couple split shot? Roll cast away. Want to put a sink tip on a dredge with streamers? This rod will do it. The 9′ 6 weight is the perfect big river rod, and is a solid rod for fishing bigger, heavier rigs on smaller water as well. Perfect light streamer rod! Shop 

9’6″ 6 Weight – If you want the ultimate nymph and streamer rod, this is it. Lots of power, with a little extra length. A touch softer through the middle, with a lot of power in the bottom section. This rod roll casts insanely well, and has the length to control and mend a lot of line. Ultimate big river trout rod. 

9′ 7 Weight –If you’re a dedicated streamer angler, the 7 weight will handle any trout streamer you can throw at it. Super heavy sinking lines and big, bulky, articulated flies are where the 7 weight IMX Pro is right at home. Great lightweight warmwater rod as well, perfect for White Bass and Smallies. 

9′ 8 Weight –  The biggest rod in the IMX Pro lineup. Awesome for all-around warmwater use. White Bass, Largemouth, Smallies, Pike, and Carp are all perfect targets for the 8 weight. Great rod for heavy duty trout fishing as well! The 8 is a good bet for lightweight saltwater fishing as well, especially average sized bonefish on the flats. Lots of power for casting big flies or fishing in windy conditions! 

The new G Loomis IMX Pro series of fly rods sets the bar pretty high, especially at the $550 price point! They give some rods at nearly twice the price a run for their money.