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Flymen Fish Skulls Small/Medium

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The Fish-Skull™ design mimics the head, eyes and gill plates of a baitfish producing a more realistic looking profile. The realistic size head typically “pushes more water” than traditional flies.
The Fish-Skull™ adds weight to your streamer pattern. They are made from a lightweight metal composite that allow us to create a realistic size fish-head with a large surface area, but without adding excessive weight. They weigh roughly about the same as an equivalent hook size dumbbell.  For the new SMALL-MEDIUM size Fish-Skull we suggest to use Rod/Line weight size #6 and higher.

Made from a 100% lead free metal composite material that is guaranteed to be corrosion free for up to 80 hours in saltwater.

Fish-Skull Color Range
Silver Baitfish – the perfect color for matching any silver or white baitfish.

Tan Baitfish – a “bronze” finish i.e. a golden tan color which is very versatile matching most sand, tan and brown tones.

Golden Chartreuse – a gold skull with a distinctive chartreuse (green) shade. Perfect for matching with white, chartreuse, green and olive colored materials.

Dark Grey – essentially a dark charcoal or black color, this is a good choice for most dark flies such as black-and-purple or all-black streamers.

Coppertone – a copper color that can be very versatile in matching many color materials such as crawfish rusty brown.