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Fish Skull Faux Bucktail

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Fish Skull Faux Bucktail by Flymen Products. The synthetic tapered hair is made to mimic the qualities, length, and taper of bucktail. Great for pike and musky flies. Also can replace bucktail on Clouser Minnow style flies. Use in place of bucktail on any of your favorite flies.

Unlike a natural bucktail hair, the Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail is not hollow. So it tends to create flies with less buoyancy than those tied with natural bucktail. Faux Bucktail is not hollow like the natural hair. This changes the buoyancy but also changes how the hair ties. It won't flare like natural bucktail, but you can alter you techniques to achieve similar looks on your flies. Reverse tying techniques allow Faux Bucktail to "flare" and not lay flat on the hook. However, for flies like Clouser Minnows the flat tying properties work very well. Fiber length on the Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail is 6".

Because the fibers are all aligned and the same length, you get more usable hair than a bucktail. The hair being even and collected in one large bunch makes tying flies faster, saving time sorting through a bucktail looking for the right length of hair.

Can also be used for quill bodies on trout flies.

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