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Empie's Deadly Shiner

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Flash flies are in and effective as ever. This might look like a simple “Wooly Bugger” style mini streamer, but don’t let it fool you. It has caught over 65 different species on the planet, including many saltwater species! It is a fish catching machine. It is construction of various layers of flash material, a tungsten bead, and an attractor band in the color…the perfect trifecta for a simple, yet very effective streamer. Whether its trout, bass, seatrout, ladyfish, bluefish, or many other species, this flashy fly will get the job done with all the flash to catch the eye of those picky fish! Bass have been known to strike at it in all water conditions: clear, murky, or tannic. It’s a heavy fly and can be fished in deeper water with a sinking fly line or for shallower water a floating line. It can be swung, stripped, or simply dead drifted. Consider these a go-to searching pattern, especially at mid-day when there's no bug activity.