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Economy Beginners Fly Tying Tool Set

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If you’re looking to get into fly tying the right way at a great price, look no further than our Economy Beginner’s Fly Tying Tool Set! We’ve compiled the best vise and tools for the beginning fly tier that has nothing, as well as for the tier that wants to upgrade their current tools. The Renzetti Traveler Vise is our best selling vise, and has rock solid hook holding capabilities for hooks of all sizes. The tools that come with the set are some of our favorites, and great tools for the money. Here’s a list of the tools that come with the kit:

  • Renzetti Traveler C2003 – This is our best selling vise, and for good reason. This is a true rotary vise with great hook-holding capabilities. The Traveler will hold hooks from size 28 to 4/0.
  • Eco All Purpose Scissors – The name says it all! These are fantastic scissors for just about everything. These are excellent for natural materials and will handle most synthetics just fine.
  • Terra Hair Stacker – A hair stacker is a must have if you’re tying hair winged flies like Comparaduns, Elk Hair Caddis, or Stimulators. The medium Terra Hair Stacker is a great tool, and a must have for the avid fly tyer.
  • Terra Deluxe Bobbin– This bobbin features a ceramic tube with easily adjustable arms to adjust the tension on your thread spool.
  • Hareline Bodkin– Bodkins can be used to pick out bodies, apply head cement, and fine tune UV resin – the Hareline bodkin is an essential part of any tier’s arsenal.
  • Terra Whip Finisher –In order to cleanly and securely finish your fly without it unraveling, you need to have a good whip finisher. The Terra Rotating Whip Finisher will tie a great knot every time with ease!
  • Terra Hackle Pliers– If you’re tying dry flies or working with small soft hackles, hackle pliers are a must. Terra Hackle Pliers securely hold most types of hackle, making it easy for you to make a great looking collar or dry fly hackle!

The Economy Beginner’s Fly Tying Tool Set is, in our opinion, the best way to get into fly tying with good tools and vise at a fantastic price. We see too many people that buy cheaper tools to begin with, only to be back in the shop a couple months later buying duplicates in higher quality versions. This compilation of tools and vise will have you tying great flies with quality equipment!