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C&F Designs Extended body tool CFT-150

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C&F Designs Extended body tool CFT-150 allows you to create hollow extended bodies for mayflies, caddis, and stoneflies. The kit comes with 3 tools to create bodies of varying sizes. Also includes a special glue to bond the bodies (although traditional head cements will also work).

Instructions- How to use the C&F Designs Extended body tool CFT-150

1 : Put dubbing material between two needles. Putting a material evenly with rotating this tool toward the tip point.( It is easy to take off the complete body if you put some floatant or line cleaner to the needle)

2 : After material reached to the tip, go backwards. It is better to use longer fiber rather than shorter material like Hares Ear.

3 : After rotated material on the tool, sink whole material with tool to cement bottle or put cement with using needle. Wipe excess cement before it gets dry. It can be used as caddis body without wiping off excess cement.

4 : Set this tool to the vise. Tie the thread from tip of the complete body with tail material.

5 : Holding tail material with left hand then tie thread like make a rib to the body. Finish is prettier when fewer threads are on the body. There are many possibilities with your ideas.

6 : After completed the body, it is easy to take it off form the needle using nails. It is easy to tie to the hook when you cut the part of the body, which tied to the hook incline.

7 : Let the hook go through to the hollow body or put the hollow body on the hook after tie some thread on the hook shank.

8 : It is complete after your dressed with other material like wing or hackle.