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The Bug Guy: Entomology for the Fly Fisher - 2 DVD Set

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Entomology, the study of insects, is probably the most intimidating but also one of the most crucial aspects for the successful fly fisher. Going out on the water and not knowing your bugs is akin to being a lifeguard but not knowing how to swim—it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Robert has taken his two day class and put them on DVD so everyone can have access to the experience of an entomologist/fly fishing guide. Disc one represents day one—your getting nearly an hour and a half of college level lecture with scientific drawings and close ups of bugs. You’ll learn the lifecycles of stoneflies, mayflies, caddisflies, and midges, what goes through complete and incomplete metamorphosis, and the difference between lentic and lotic habitats.

Disc two represents day two of the class and you’ll go streamside with Robert as he shows you how to properly sample a stream and puts into practical application what you learned in disc one.

Approachable and entertaining, if you did nothing but watch this DVD only once, you’d be armed with more knowledge than 90% of all fly fishers on the water.