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Beyond Trout by Barry Reynolds

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Continuing on their quest to free flyfishers from the trout-only addiction, Pike on the Fly authors Barry Reynolds and John Berryman lead a tour through the back alleys of flyfishing in search of everything from the common bluegill to the not-so-common white amur. They encourage you to leave over-crowded trout streams and instead fish warmwater rivers, municipal reservoirs, and farm ponds. More than anything, Barry and John want you to flyfish more often and closer to home. The supposedly unapproachable walleye falls to Barry’s flyfishing skills, and he gives a methodical approach to catching largemouth and smallmouth bass, long a favorite of flyfishers. Without apology, Barry and John will even tell you how to catch the biggest fish you may find in local waters—the common carp. Smart, spooky, and strong, carp are ignored by everyone except those who have already caught them. There are fish to be caught on the fly wherever you live, and Beyond Trout will take you to the waters in your own backyard and teach you how to catch the fish that swim there. Break away from crowded trout streams and fish in warmwater rivers, municipal reservoirs and farm ponds. Much exciting and unexploited fly fishing exists close to home. From walleye to 10 pound carp, the authors show you how to take advantage of the lesser-known fisheries in your area. B/w & color photos; 6x9 inches, 160 pgs.