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Airflo Polyleader 10' Salmon Set

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When you're in, you're in! 99% of all anglers who try a Polyleader end up loving Polyleaders! So why not treat yourself to a full set and cover all the bases with this truly versatile selection. Each set contains all seven densities of leaders and a cool mesh wallet to keep everything to hand.

This set includes one each of the following Polyleaders:

  • Clear Floating
  • Clear Hover: Sink rate 0.5" per second
  • Clear Intermediate: Sink rate 105" per second
  • Slow Sink: Sink rate 2" per second
  • Fast Sink: Sink rate 3" per second
  • Super Fast Sink: Sink rate 5" per second
  • Extra Fast Sink: Sink rate 7" per second

Strength: 24lb