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54 Dean Nesting Stacker

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When working with deer hair or fur, good hair stackers are an essential tool for perfect results. This set of four Nesting Hair Stackers has been meticulously designed by renowned British fly tier and author Barry Ord Clarke to cover all your stacking requirements, from the tails for small dries, to the wings, collars and heads for the largest predator and salt water patterns. The four colour coded stackers, Piccolo, Demi, Standard and Magnum are machined from top quality aluminium bar stock and anodised with an anti-static finish, for trouble free hair stacking. Like the famous Russian babushka doll, all four stackers nest neatly inside each other for optimal storage and transport. Each set of stackers also come with a travel pouch made from pre-loved Patagonia waders. Valuable information on Barry Ord Clarke's fly tying technique can be found in his beautiful book The Feather Bender’s Flytying Techniques and on his worldwide appreciated personal web site.

The king of hair stackers!