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Yellow Bellied Baetis Fly Tying Materials

Yellow Bellied Baetis Nymph

Small mayfly nymphs make up a large portion of our local trout’s diet. We often like fancy and realistic fly patterns, but they aren’t always necessary. The Yellow Bellied Baetis Nymph is a super easy fly to tie, and it flat catches fish. Typically, we fish this fly as a dropper behind a larger tungsten nymph, or as a dropper behind a dry. No matter how you fish it, tie up a few and give them a shot!

Yellow Bellied Baetis Nymph Materials

Hook: Tiemco 2487 or Daiichi 1130 size 18 to 22

Bead: Tungsten Bead

Thread: Yellow 70 Denier Ultra Thread

Tail: Coq de Leon

Thorax: Black Natural Dubbing or Black Ice Dubbing